PCOS Syndrome-Treatment For The Frustrated

January 12th, 2012


Hey Karen Here


Just wanted to let you know I am glad you found my site- PCOS Syndrome. I am very happy to tell you about my results dealing with ovarian cysts. I suggest you keep reading. Click here to see results in three weeks with my PCOS.

I made several visits to my Doctor, over several months describing my pain. He scheduled me for an ultrasound, the results were I had an ovarian cyst the size of a golf ball. I was 27 years old and had PCOS Syndrome.

The pain kept getting worse to the point I was missing work. I tried to hide the pain from my husband, he was working all the time and I did not want to burden him. During this time I was taking any pain pills I could find. The pain was to the point I was getting nauseas.

My Doctor had me try four different pills including birth control pills. None of them worked. I changed Doctors to see if I could find different treatments. The new Doctor told me it would be best to have surgery. I told that doctor a few choice words and stormed out of his office.

I went home and started looking for PCOS treatment on Google that led me to WEB MD I found an article on Ovarian Cyst & PCOS Relief Secrets. When I read Laura’s letter and all the testimonials I knew I had to give it a try. One negative that I had with the program was I did not lose weight.

I saw the benefits in days the pain was easing. My periods started to become normal. My cysts were gone in three months.

I hope you found this information helpful. You can click here to check it out.

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Ovarian Cyst Surgery as Treatment? | pcos

January 10th, 2012


Hey Karen here

I wanted to tell you some of the treatments that I have tried and some that I have not tried.

The first treatment that was prescribed to me was birth control pills this make my cysts grow bigger. When I found out that this is common of woman that are prescribed birth control pills I could have chewed nails.

I don’t know how many woman have had this treatment but I would say thousands.

I did not have surgery but many woman have had ovarian cyst surgery only to have the cyst return. The sad part is the health problems women face after treatment because they didn’t solve the fundamental cause of their ovarian cyst.

My biggest fear was I would never have a child of my own. I teach school and love kids. When the Doctor told me It would be a miracle if I ever had children I was depressed for weeks. Then I decided that I would find a way to have a child. Treating your ovarian cysts naturally is the only way to restore your body so you will have a comfortable place for your baby to conceive and grow.

If you do nothing your ovarian cyst pain will get worse and eventually you will have surgery.

Some newer forms of treatment hold some hope.

Ovarian drilling seems to lower hormone levels. Side effects are adhesion formation or ovarian failure

Metformin has shown success in certain cases. The dose prescribed was 1000mg twice a day. To early to recommend this treatment.

In my first post I went over how PCOS Syndrome was diagnosed and how frustrating it was to not know for sure what health issue I had.

I talked about some of the treatments I have taken and not taken in this post. I am currently writing how I did find a treatment that did work for my personal health issue. I hope this information lets you know you are not alone there are thousands of women like you and me that are going through the pain of PCOS Syndrome.

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PCOS Syndrome – Questions?

December 30th, 2011

Hi, Karen here
I wanted to start this post with the questions I had about PCOS Syndrome when I was diagnosed.
What is PCOS Syndrome?
It is a health issue that effects a women menstrual cycle it can stop you from getting pregnant, It can affect hormones. It can affect your heart, blood vessels and your appearance.
The symptoms I had were
1.elevated Hormones
2.missed periods
3.cysts on ovaries
I would like to add that I was in a great deal of pain and not a happy camper as my husband Paul can tell you.

How many Women have this problem?
Studies say 10 percent of women of childbearing age. This is the number one cause of infertility.
My Doctor said it would be a miracle if I got Pregnant. See my about me page for more on this story.

What causes POCS Syndrome?
I will make this short THEY DON’T KNOW
Trust me they have plenty of guesses.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)What are the symptoms?
I did not have half of these Symptoms
no menstrual periods, and/or irregular bleeding
increased hair growth on body
cysts on ovaries
dry skin Acme
increased weight gain
high cholesterol
high blood pressure

Does (PCOS) Syndrome change at menopause?
This is a tough question because the pain may go away and you may feel better. The problem is the damage that has been done to your heart could show up later as a stroke or heart attack.

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